Window Curtains Help With Adding More Privacy To Your Home

An clean and cheaper way to clean up your toilet is to put in a new bathe curtain rod and bathe curtain. I’ve put together a few simple instructions to making striking your new rod and curtain a breeze.

The Things You’ll Need to Install a Curtain Rod

A bathe curtain rod
Mounting brackets and screws
A measuring tape
A pencil
A Philips screwdriver
Curtain jewelry
A bathe curtain
The first issue we want to do is dangle curtains the new curtain rod. In order to your bathe rod to cling properly we will need to degree the gap wherein the mounting brackets must move. Shake out your new curtain and preserve it up with the aid of the wall in which it desires to go. Using your pencil, mark the wall on the top of the curtain; Then together with your measuring tape, degree the gap from the ceiling to the mark at the wall, this will come up with the precise spot you need to make your 2nd mark on the other aspect of the wall.

Use your screw driver to screw within the mounting brackets to the wall in which you have got made your marks, then insert the bathe curtain rod proper into the mounting brackets and you’ve were given yourself a new curtain pole!

Hanging the Curtain on the Rod

Now that you’ve were given your new bathe rod up, you’ll need to hang the curtain. Firstly you will want to attach the curtain rings to the rod. Then take your new curtain and put the curtain ring via the hollow at the pinnacle of the curtain and clamp the curtain ring shut. Repeat this step till all your curtain earrings are via the holes and clamped close.